Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Linus' New Book

Linus has published a new book: you can view it here.

Stock Investing Simplified by Linus Tham

''In Stock Investing Simplified, Linus debunks the well established myths surrounding stock investment and establishes new concepts to take your investment powers to greater heights. Stay invested at all times? He advises avoiding stock investments in certain periods. Buy IPOs for a quick buck? He tells you to stay away. Written for anybody wanting to improve his returns on stock investments, all the ideas are communicated in a logical and concise manner, without the technical jargon found in many investment guidebooks. In Stock Investing Simplified, you will also read about:

* Why you should invest in the National Postal Service
* Why you should not spend to much time watching the Financial News on TV
* Why you should not borrow for your stock purchases and much more. ''

Book Synopsis, Stock Investing Simplified

Available at the following Locations / BookStores:




KLCC Kinokuniya


Bookers International

Coming Soon in Singapore:


Book Specifications

Title: Stock Investing Simplified

ISBN: 978-981080-1182
Author: Tham, Linus

Friday, March 21, 2008


an update!!! some entertainment for jo and chwen who still actively come here to write on the tagboard. :) Somewhen two weeks ago, a few of us met up before linlin left for exchange in Germany! Here're the photos:

Some happenings in NUS (right???) :


Don't know this guy, but i guess i'll just post it up anyway :)

Our three very very pretty girls!

At marina square, we ate KFC -.-:

Henghong's best friend, cutecute tristan!

Ok that's all for now! =) Linlin, if u read this, hope u're having fun in germany and travelling round europe! Take lotsa care!

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Waraku Gathering 29/07/07

Glad to see so many people, particularly one very unexpected guest!

A photo of the guys (minus the unexpected guest who had not turned up yet)

The unexpected guest!! (No, not Chwen you ass, we see enough of Chwen already) Linus!! He's going to study Economics in Switzerland! Tristan gave him a.. most unusual welcome.

And as always, the class.

P.S. looking for volunteers (Singapore-based) to take over this blog, since I won't be around in SG soon!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Class gathering announcement

After a hiatus of a few months.. the dominatrix class rep, Chwen, has organised a gathering at Waraku Japanese Restaurant at Marina Square. Time's 1.30 p.m. this coming Sunday, 29/7.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Andy's Farewell

Sorry, long overdue, but was really swamped in work.

Anyway, we had a dinner at Fish and Co. as a farewell dinner for Andy (once again, only the guys, and 2 girls, usual missing suspects: the girls), and on another date, we saw Andy off at the airport (only Alvin, Ruben, Oi Wing and I were there.. where were you guys!) [photos not captured]


Andy & Oi Wing catching up

(Part of) the class catching up

Waiting for a table

A class photo (eh, don't say I everytime not in the photo, I'm always the photographer so no choice, ok!)

Mr. McDonalds, Mr. Stickman & Ah Beng

Stay tuned for next gathering!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Andy's Send-Off

Andy is leaving tomorrow, 14th Feb, for Sydney, Australia on SQ231. He will be at Terminal 2, Check-in Row 07 at 9pm. Please do come and see him off if you can.

Sunday, December 31, 2006

Class BBQ - 30th Dec

At my house, with usual latecomers, but great company as usual. And of course, the mandatory bridge session, the crazy bonfire with everything used as fuel, and the amateur manufacturing of a molotov cocktail.

Our special guests

Vernon the pyromaniac

Beeyooteefool bonfire

Bridge club is open.. as usual

Big Ben

Terra House Capt slacking

Secret society gathering

Canoeist camwhores

Boon Chin shows us he has a tongue contrary to expectations

The kid talking to the paedophile

The mismatched pair

And as always, the class.