Wednesday, June 09, 2004


Thought I might want to start posting pictures of other people's stuff and people and likes in their lives.. So that you all can get to know each other better, yeah? Here's the first series! Meng Keong's cat.. uhh.. I have no idea what's his cat's name, so go ask him yeah?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey ppl!
so sorry for not being able to plan a cls outing during this June holi..i guess most prob u guys won't be too enthu bout goin out during e last wk cuz it's e wk to do some last min i propose we have a cls outing after out Commons, e wkend, so we can truly enjoy e outing!let me know wat u guys think ya..yup, tk care n mug hard!

7:37 PM  
Blogger 03S17 said...

i'm for anything.. but i think after e ct, ppl would rather go buy rope, preferably long enough to make a noose, or take the time to exercise by practising how to fall from 24 storeys..

6:04 PM  

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