Wednesday, September 29, 2004

At the food court filling up with gas first before setting off for Sentosa!

The rest of the guys chowing down!

Instant plastic surgery with Vernon's aid! eXtreme makeover time!

Happy tourists setting off for our fun fun island of fun! Yihui doesn't look too happy about it though..

Volleyball war! Putting to use our entire term of volleyball training!

The action that triggered off our massive construction of an amazing sand sculpture! Let the construction begin!

Ongoing construction! Do not disturb! (Even though the subject looks agonised..)

A closeup of his face! Ohh he's not agonised!! He's excited!!

Near completion! But flawed.. It's too short and thick..

Nah, too small! Next!

Just the right size!! Yay, our sand sculpture is finished!!

Wing and the birthday girl!

Waiting for the rest of our happy bunch to come out from the showers..

Who's taller?? Who's shorter??


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