Thursday, December 09, 2004

Prom Night!

Prom pictures are up!

In the usual tradition of S17, some came early, some came late, and some came VERY late! But all were dressed in stunning outfits that dazzled! The best-dressed girl goes to.. Yanmei! She was dressed in a black dress that exposed her significant cleavage and left Chwen sobbing in tears and worshipping the ground she was on! The best-dressed guy goes to... Jason! Close runners were Chwen, Heng Hong and Arden!

The emcee was great, with an unmatchable fluency in his speech and equally incomparable humour! Innovative games were thought up, with Craig and Russell being made to carry out his orders with hilarious results at the end! Cheering competitions, a dancing match, a lame scavenger hunt that included a search for the hairiest chest! Performances by the IP and J1 people were excellent! And let's not forget the rousing and inspiring video!

Unfortunately, the food was not that excellent, but it was not that bad either. It was not too bad, but the not-so-mediocre quality of the food was covered up by the games and lucky draws (damn! none of us got anything!) and performances! Our prom king and queen are Russell and Lynette respectively (aww Chwen, need tissue?) and they took the first dance and.. made an awkward thing out of their dance. -.-"

There weren't any post-prom celebrations with too many tired people aching to go home, but memories are enough. Enjoy the memories below!


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