Thursday, December 09, 2004

Prom Nite!

The earlycomers!

Our suave treasurer!

Our not-so-suave ex-treasurer..

Joseph with Oi Wing!

The three belles of the night!

Where's your tie?!

Yixin and Joe!

Although not our class.. but.. EYE CANDY!! O_O

The hunks that left all the girls swooning in their wake!

Even more hunks! (Sorry about the blur quality.. I wasn't the photographer)


Yihui for once looking pretty in FEMININE WEAR!

Who got the best, whitest, cleanest teeth?

The rockers!

Munch munch..

You!! Yes, you!!

What a pair! (Unfortunately this pair lasted for one night only before Yihui absconded with someone else..)

Hot chicks!

Va-va-voom #2!!

Striking up a pose... unsuccessfully.

No!! No!! Don't flash!!


Trying to crush Chwen under our combined weight! Class photo! Woo-ee!

Yea, go S17!

Chwen's trying not to look at uh..

Mystery man!

Snobbish Parisian couture!

Trendy! Fashionistas!

Our former S17 member looking utterly stunning in a small little cocktail dress with an inappropriate accessory to her right..

Jason's friend, Salas said: "Tonite is the nite man. Go c the rest of her boobs. Go go!"

Woooo!! Jason's hitting home runs man!!

Looking for girlfriends. Please call 1800-BINGBENCHWEN

Agatha and Ruby!

Joseph and Sara!

The Air-Rifle drop-dead stunners!

Joseph and Melissa!

Post-prom, decisions decisions! Where shall we go?!?

Busy busy busy people!

The guys!

The girls!


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